Monday, 27 June 2011

Dads Have Shorter Fuse With Their L Plate Off Spring

The results of a light hearted AA membership poll, completed exclusively by parents who have dared to take their son or daughter for a driving lesson reveals that dads by and large have a lower patience threshold than mums when it comes to instructing their children.

In the AA Membership poll which was completed by more than 3,700 parents across a wide range of ages, 28.5% of the dad’s quizzed, said they believed themselves to have been a very patient teacher, stating they remained calm and constructive throughout the lessons. A higher percentage of mums however, 35.9% gave themselves this same rating.

At the other end of the patience scale 11.3% of the dads surveyed during the AA Membership poll said they simply didn’t have the temperament for teaching their off spring how to drive. A slightly lower number of mums said the same. 9.2% of mums surveyed said teaching their children how to drive was far from their natural calling and a major test of their patience.

Among the individual comments received from this less successful group of parents were “never again!”, “my son simply would not take on board instructions”, “my foot was glued to the imaginary brake”, “I was a nervous wreck” and “I had holes gouged in the passenger seat”.

Overall 3.6% of the parents who trialed a lesson with their child said it was an unmitigated disaster which resulted in a massive argument followed by abandonment of the lesson altogether.

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