Friday, 23 April 2010

New Rules For Accompanying C1 And D1 Learner Drivers

With effect from 1st May 2010 new rules are introduced making it illegal for anyone to act as an
accompanying driver in a category C1, C1+E, D1 or D1+E vehicle unless they have passed a driving test for the particular category of vehicle concerned. From 1 May, the supervising driver in category C1 or D1 Vehicles (including vehicle plus trailer
combinations) must:

1. hold a full (post 1997) licence for the same category of vehicle as that being driven by the learner

2. have held that entitlement for the relevant period of time, usually three years

The intention was that drivers holding category C1, C1+E, D1 and D1+E entitlements obtained before 1997 (on other words, implied rights), and who passed a driving test in one of those categories before 6 April 2010, would be given credit for the time they had held the implied rights entitlement for the category concerned. The effect being that they would, from the date that the clarifying amendments to the regulations were implemented, already meet the requirements at (a) and (b) above. However, the deadline for passing the test(s) and gaining access to the concession has been extended and is now 1 May 2010.

Drivers who pass the relevant driving test(s) after 1 May will have to wait until they have held their new entitlement for the relevant period, usually three years, before they can act as an accompanying driver in a category of vehicle covered by that entitlement.

These new arrangements do not affect a person's existing entitlement to drive a medium sized lorry or minibus.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Newbury Instructor’s New Product To Banish Nerves

A NEWBURY driving instructor has launched a unique two-CD-set solution to driving test nerves has
just been launched which allows nervous learners to overcome their nerves and pass their driving tests.

Do you remember your driving test? Do you remember how you felt on the day of your test? Arriving at the driving test centre, anxiously waiting for your turn and wishing you were back at home.

These nerves have caused many a sleepless night, and in many cases may have hindered a learner from gaining their full driving licence. A recent survey of 1,500 learner drivers found that 51 per cent are ‘panicked’ by the prospect of parallel parking with a further 22 per cent ‘terrified’ about reversing around a corner.

The thought of stalling the car strikes fear in to the hearts of just 21 per cent of learners and only eight eight per cent were worried about failing their theory test. Sixteen per cent claimed to dislike turning right at a T-junction and admitted to sometimes driving ‘the long way round’ to avoid

the manoeuvre. Driving instructor Martin Caswell specialises in teaching nervous drivers and decided that he would develop a product to help learner drivers to overcome these learning to drive and driving fears.

The product that he came up with was the Driving Test Nerves series of two-CD Sets. He drew on his own teaching experience stretching over 35 years together with the experience of fully qualified and hypnotherapist David Clayton.

This series of CDs combines hypnotherapy sessions with simple to follow practical advice to help learners to grow in confidence to the extent of enabling to pass their next driving test.

Mr Caswell has tested his CD sets on his own pupils, and said: “So far, astounding results have been achieved. Each person without exception has felt much calmer and relaxed and perhaps more importantly, enhanced feelings of much greater confidence, and have gone on to pass their driving test at the following attempt.

“What makes this series of CDs unique is that it is not like any other hypnotherapy CD made for learner drivers, as the content for this series is drawn on the specific teaching experienced of a fully qualified Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (DSA ADI).

The flagship Driving Test Nerves hypnotherapy two-disc set walks the learner through the actual driving test procedure as it is today in 2010, step-by-step, as well as providing additional hypnotherapy session to give the newly-qualified driver confidence when driving on their own for the very first time.

This particular series contains two CDs, with the second CD containing detailed diagrams and offering practical advice on precisely how to competently complete the required driving manoeuvres, such as reversing round a corner, parallel parking, bay parking and three-point turns, with step-by-step instructions on each individual action you need to do to complete them successfully. Other CDs in the series include Motorway Driving, Refresher Driving and even one specifically for those who suffer with road rage.

Mr Caswell explained: “It’s really about getting the mind to be positive. A lot of people go in feeling negative. They say ‘I won't think about passing, so if I fail, it won’t be so disappointing.’ I say to them ‘think about Richard Branson. Do you you think, when he started Virgin Atlantic, he said ‘I won't think about it being successful in case it fails’? The CD is about reinforcing what you have been told – you can do this. It reinforces what the instructor has told you.”

One of the CDs even prepares newly-qualified drivers for driving on their own for the first time.

Currently available from Mr Caswell’s website, he is opening to market the product through wider channels, including promoting the product nationally.

For more details on these CDs and how they can help you overcome your Driving Test Nerves visit

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